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HSA Resource: Tool Kit, CD Presentation and DIY Online Coverages




Individual Health & Dental, Term Insurance Online and HSA Plan - all part of Self Insuring.


The Self Insure concept, most commonly known as Administrative Services Only (ASO) Plan for Health insurance and Dental Insurance coverage was initially adopted by and provided to large companies. This concept has evolved and we now have a Health Spending Account (HSA) for Small and Medium size Incorporated businesses setup by entrepreneurs, self employed individuals and professional corporations setup for individual professional practises. A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) is the alternatve for the Self-employed individual or partnership who is not incorporated. An HSA or PHSP have no minimum number of employees unlike traditional Group Insurance Plans which generally require a minimum of five employees.


Health Spending Accounts have huge benefits for the self-employed individual who is Incorporated. Think of the possibilities when you can have more than one employee classification and consequently a different level of funding for each class. Furthermore deposits are 100 percent tax deductible at the time deposits are made to the HSA which will always be prior to the reimbursement for healthcare expenses. In addition the deposits allocated to the employee, and an owner is also an employee, is not considered a taxable benefit. The employer is in control, he or she decides and establishes how much will be contributed to the HSA. This amount can be increased or reduced on each anniversary date.


Funds deposited in the HSA designated for an employee is controlled by the employee and is used to pay healthcare costs for that employee or their spouse and dependents. Healthcare costs as defined in the income tax act that qualify for reimbursement from an HSA is much broader than typical group insurance plans. You can and it is recomended to use a portion of your HSA funds to buy special coverage to protect yourself againt potentially huge claims for those unusual circumstances of serious illnesses that could exhaust your HSA funds. HSA & PHSP plans are customized for each business and we encourage you  to call Barrington (416) 523-3256 or email with your request for proposal.


Individual Health Insurance & Dental Insurance Plans

Individual  Health Insurance with or without Dental plan coverages are available to meet the needs of the self-employed, part time employee, foreign student, individuals with a canadian work permit and of course the growing segment of Home Based Business Owners. Today there are more companies providing these products and services with more options to choose from. Ask me about Health Insurance and Dental Plans from, Blue Cross, Greenshields, Desjardins' SOLO Plan, Manulife's Flexcare, Follow-Me guaranteed issue and Association Health & Dental Insurance Plans, Benecaid's Health Spending Account. Call Barrington Mullings at (416) 523-3256 or email for personal quote or second opinion.


For your convenience to do business online, we have partnered with Manulife Financial so you can Get a Quote Online and Enroll for Individual Health and Dental Insurance coverages under the Flexcare or Follow-Me plans. Small business owners can use the Manulife Flexcare plan as an employer sponsored plan for your employees to provide the equivalent of the traditional Employee Group Benefits Plan. 


Do you have special needs, want to discuss your personal situation or want assistance with your online quote, Call Barrington Mullings at (416) 523-3256 or email


Apply for Term Insurance Online.

There are some people who have a simple and clear need for a specific amount of cost effective term insurance ... like 10 Year Renewable & Convertible Term ... to protect a loan they have taken out ... for say $100,000 with a plan to repay that loan in the next ten years. 


Individuals comfortable with the internet, filling in forms or shopping online can now buy term insurance online by clicking on the E-Z TERM button below and requesting the Link.


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