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Financial Advice? Call 416-523-3256
Financial Advice? Call 416-523-3256

How can I be of service to you?
How can I be of service to you?

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Insure and Protect Family, Assets, Income & Bread-Winner !

Picture yourself with your family, reflect on who is providing the family income and ask yourself, how is my family protected if the income providers are taken out of the picture? Family needs differ, so each solution has to be customized to fit their unique circumstances.


Having economic units all around us is a principle often overlooked. Some individuals contribute value with raw dollars while others contribute value with skills and daily functions. Good examples are a homemaker managing the home and family budget while the employed spouse is the sole bread-winner; or one business partner providing money, another providing Sales and yet another providing Management. Life Insurance is designed to provide money when it's needed most, when there is a financial loss due to premature death, because one person can no longer contribute their value.


Protection from Financial Disaster


Life is full of unforseen events and although most are pleasant, no one is protected against events that may cause premature death, disability or a critical illness whether by accident or sickness. However, what we can protect against is a devastating financial loss by buying Term, Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance to meet your needs.


My advise for you is to examine and understand the financial impact a death or critical ilness of someone in your economic unit would have on that unit. If you conclude that their could be a negative impact, take action, put financial protection plans in place and do it now. By taking a Do-It-Now attidude, you will put aside possible negative drain on your energy and be able live life more fully and freely.  Imagine how devastating the loss of Income would be during early child-raring years if a parent, primary bread-winner, was taken out of the picture.


A broad range of Life Insurance products are available to deal with your protection in the event of death premature or otherwise. Although the problem to be solved (reason for the need) may be similar in nature, the soutions are unique for each individual whether you are an employee, Professional with a practice or a Business owner. Ask a Financial Advisor to help you with a needs analysis and proposed solution for your circumstances.


Barrington C. Mullings (905) 826-8138 or (416) 523-3256


Disabilty Insurance - Income Replacement


Life is unpredictable and money is vital to your survival espescially if you suffer an accident or illness. Again, you have to ask yourself the question, where will the money come from and will you have enough to meet your regular obligations plus the additional healthcare cost, if you cannot work? An Income Replacement more ... 


Business Overhead - Fixed Recurring Expenses


You are self-employed or the owner of a small business, you have business overhead more ...


Critical Illness - CI


Critical Illness protection is an innovative insurance plan that pays you a lump-sum benefit when you are diagnosed with a serious illness. You, the insured must survive 30 days from the diagnosis of the critical illness, such as Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke or Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery. If you become ill with one of the covered conditions more details ...



The Bottom Line


When all is said, the bottom line is recognizing the importance of seeking the knowledge and expertise of a Financial Advisor. Understanding your risks and how to protect your family, income, business partners and bread-winner from financial disaster or your Estate from financial erosion. If you have any questions or would like some additional information, contact me myself or one of my colleagues will be able to help you.



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Barrington Mullings (905) 826-8138
Barrington Mullings (905) 826-8138