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Secure Money Transfer From Canada to International Destinations



Money Transfer Agent and Location


Looking for a better way, Low Cost, Flat Rate service to send money home for a special need or to your family? You want the assurance, confidence and peace of mind knowing your money is safe. I trust and use a Senvia Money Services authorized agent to get more of my money home safely and quickly, the same day. When I phoned my family they confirmed my money transfer was received safely and on the same day. Lower cost means more of your money goes to those you want to get it. Senvia provides Money Transfer Services to many countries now with new countries being added all the time.


Money Transfer services are provided by different companies such as Banks, Coinstar, Senvia .... Choose the money transfer service that best meets your needs. Close to home or work of an authorised agent, available service to the country you want to send money to, the cost of fees, receipt and availabilty of the money for use on the other end. These are all factors to consider when choosing a Money Transfer Agent. Some money transfer agents represent Senvia as well as other companies and the Senvia service is also available through most Canadian Banks and their Online Banking.



Money Transfer - Send Money Home 


My interest is having an authorized agent close to where I live and a low cost same day service to Jamaica which is one of three countries included in the service to the Caribbean ( Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago). Other countries serviced are in Latin America (Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Columbia and Ecuador) plus India and the Philippines. 




Now that I have established my contact and am registered with Senvia, I have the added convenience of money transfers from home via the Internet, however next day delivery applies in this case. Senvia has a working relationship and is powered by Coinstar Money Transfer and btween them they provide money transfer services to 144 countries. To find Senvia money transfer agents in your area visit:


Insuring peace of mind is important to all of us when it comes to our money. Sending money home helps our family and it also helps the economy of the country we grew up in. Most of us love our country of birth, regardless of where we are from, because we still think of and remember it as home. Some money transfer services provide online as well as offline transactions and have different security guarantees, so you will want to verify these details before comitting to any transaction. Money transfer within Canada is less complicated and Interac eMail Money Transfer is available certainly through the Canadian Chartered Banks.


The PayPal Network is another practical and viable way of transferring money but of course both parties would need to have or open PayPal accounts. The frequency you require for money transfers will help you determine the method or service to use.


 Senvia Money Transfer Service Agents:


Missauga North

  Mississauga South


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Ask Me about advertising for Agents in Mississauga South and Brampton, Ontario

Call (905) 826-8138 or (416) 523-3256


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