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What if breadwinner was out of the picture?
What if breadwinner was out of the picture?

RESP - They're depending on you.
RESP - They're depending on you.

How's your Physical and Financial Health?
How's your Physical and Financial Health?

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Insuring Peace of Mind, One Thing We All Want !


Three cornerstones of Financial Security are Protection, Accumulation and Retirement. Planning for all your Financial Objectives simultaneously can be overwhelming, so choices must be made and priorities set. However, the Risks of life such as Death, Disability or Critical illness can occur at any moment and cause Financial Disaster. That is why we and leading investment firms recommend you start your financial planning review and insure Protection needs first. A critical step to insuring peace of mind and achieving financial security is having a regular financial plan review, ideally an annual financial review.


{Risks of Life: Death, Disability, Critical illness, Accident, Sickness, No Retirement Income} ||{Solutions: Protection - Income, Mortgage, Business} {Insurance: Life, Term, Travel, Health & Dental} {Savings/Investments: RRSP, RRIF, RESP, Tax Deferred Savings and Creditor Protected Investments}


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Everyone I know, loves and values their family more precious than anything. We lead such busy lives, both parents or a single parent works two jobs to keep body and soul together, rushes home to get the children to extra-curricular activities, hockey, music, martial arts and so on... We want the best for our family, that's why financial planning is so important. Call me to Review your Life Insurance, Investment or other Financials Plans plus getting a second opinion from me.

Do you remember details of Insurance setup 5 yrs ago?


Most of us don't!


Reasons for a Review now!

Refreshing your memory.

Updating changes in life. 

Getting a Second Opinion.


Begin with the End Goal in Mind.




College and University education is not just a nice-to-have, it's the new normal. Today's high school graduates are expected to go to College or University. Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is designed to help parents and grandparents create an education savings fund for their children's and grandchildren's post-secondary education. In Canada this is supported by Federal Government through the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG).





Wealth Accumulation!


Wealth is measured, not by how much money you earn but by how much you save. Most people spend first and try to save from what is left. Often times there is nothing left left. Successful people save first and spend what is left. Accumulation is a result of savings and investments. more...


Retirement Planning


Retirement years can be golden if you save and invest some hard earned dollars during your working years. Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) with deferred Taxes is an excellent way to build a nest egg. Individual Pension Plan may even be a better way for some. more...


Long Term Care


Long-Term Care, looking at it today as a complement to  retirement financial planning strategy. When there is loss of independence, what means the most to us? Most people say it is preserving the Quality of Life, Dignity and Financial Security. For a full presentation eMail me your Name & Telephone number with Long-term Care in the Subject. My Library page has a short version.



Traveling Soon? Expect Visitors to Canada?


Traveling outside your Province of Residence or Expecting Visitors to Canada? Buying Emergency Medical Coverage for protection when you are going to be away from your regular country or province of residence is so important and will give you peace of mind while you travel. Useful Optional Benefits are Trip Cancellation and Loss of Luggage which can be added to your trip coverage. Are you a Frequent Traveller? Ask me about a travel plan you apply, qualify for medically, buy once and renew each year with No further Medical questions asked. If your travel situation is unusual and you want to discuss your travel plans and coverage, then Call (416) 523-3256 or email me. 


Before you Buy, get a Quote Online or

Ask me for a second opinion on your travel insurance needs.



  Don't Pack without it !  


Financial Planning Does Matter!


Check my Referral Partners page for updates !


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